What We Do For You
  • branding
  • media
  • design
  • digital advertising
  • traditional advertising (tv, radio, print)
  • events & promotions
From the first logo and corporate identity we ever designed, to the campaigns, advertisements and promotions we have created and managed over the years, we believe creativity is a game changer. You can have a good strategy but miss the mark with your creative message and branding campaign. To be on target, you must always focus on what works best for YOUR customer. This takes research, experience and insight into how people act, think and feel. What matters most is your target market. We never lose sight of this during the creative process. When creativity is added to a smart marketing strategy along with tracking and measurement analytics, that’s when the greatest growth begins. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, and share new creative ideas on how you can better connect with new and existing customers and prospects on a deeper level making them want to do business with you. ID can also help you turn those customers into evangelists that refer new business to you on a regular basis. Call us today to set up your complimentary creative brain storming session.
Our #1 priority is to help you brand and grow your business. We are not committed to any media channel and we are not in “sales” or driven by commission. Our guiding principle is to do what is best for you the client by helping you grow your business in the best most cost effective ways, period. That is why we love digital so much. It gives you the ability to track and measure everything. Analytics are also a game changer. When you add this technology to the creative process with fresh new ideas, growth happens. Let us show you how.
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